New RFID System Implementation For Toll Payment On 2018

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September 15, 2017
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New RFID System Implementation For Toll Payment On 2018

Apart from the existing Touch ‘n Go and Smart Tag toll payment, Malaysia Highway Authority is introducing RFID system for toll payment. The RFID system is expected to be implemented from January 2018 onwards.

RFID which stand for Radio Frequency Identification uses electromagnetic fields to automatically indentify and track specific objects tagged. The RFID sticker is indentified through the barcode on the sticker.



According to the head of director from Malaysia Highway Authority, the new payment system is much more efficient than existing ETC system. Therefore, it is expected to cut down traffic congestion during peak hours.

The payment method will be similar to Touch ‘n Go where charges will be debited from drivers’ vehicle. So, are you guys ready for the new payment system? Feel free to share your thought with us now.



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